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Her fourth chapter deals with the obscenity trial of Les Fleurs du mal, and argues compellingly that Les Paradis artificiels constitutes a response to the trial and the narcotized judgment brought against Baudelaire's poetry, and poetry as such.
E[sz] These tiny human sacrifices to nationalism and dominion are as remote and dim as the cold light from Alpha Centauri amid E[sz] an obscene frenzy of slopping at the trough of narcotized consumerism designed to make us complicit and to numb the vestigial morality of the most arrogant know-nothings to grace the world's stage since Caligula, E[sz] indoctrinated since infancy with entitlement and exceptionalism via fables and demonization fed to us by our parents, school's daily boosters of pledges of allegianceE[sz] and the continuous, intra-ocular injection E[sz] by the corporate media of its creation, the Great Satan of TV advertising and Public Relations.
Here, plant life and human activity intersect, all with the ultimate purpose of deadening awareness, of producing a narcotized stupor.
From television's earliest years as a source of children's entertainment, parents, scholars, and public officials have worried publicly about its deleterious effects and imagined dire consequences for a generation narcotized by the medium, or, worse, turned into savage killers.
magellanica feeds mainly on live molluscs that are previously narcotized by means of a salivary liquid produced by the predator salivary and accessory salivary glands; the feeding on carrion was registered at a low rate (Bigatti 2005).
narcotized by the effects of a capitalist society run amok
Well, there are a few words; words like: excruciating, interminable, and narcotized seem to paint a pretty accurate picture.
The results of this study of neurosurgical outpatients then would tend to underestimate the difficulty of obtaining accurate pupil measurements at the ICU bedside in narcotized patients using either visual assessment or a pupil gauge.
Finally, on a personal note I found the analeptic properties of THA quite useful for those patients at the conclusion of an anaesthetic who were marginally narcotized.
on the relevance of the modern publishing industry, which is so creatively and ethically bankrupt that it must spoon pabulum like this to readers too lethargic and narcotized to care that they are being insulted.
Even the depictions of Bob's opiate-induced reveries convey that these are but brief narcotized moments of escape in a life dominated by hustling, danger, and barely controlled chaos.
Examination of the inhibitory processes in neurophysiological experiments is usually performed with intracellular recording techniques in narcotized or immobilized animals (i.