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the very rule of probability has suffered a shock, a rule that cannot be relinquished without giving up art's crucial link to verisimilitude: to a mimetic and narratable dimension.
Of course he cannot recognize this: melancholia is always shooting ahead of itself, mourning the loss of something that isn't yet lost, trying to find words that can organize the past into something narratable, something that isn't namable or narratable without such a word.
Here, Goldie brings in his breakthrough work on the emotions, arguing that grief--like (he suggests) other emotions is essentially a process that integrates a variety of disparate states, judgments, and events into a coherent and narratable whole.
Beyond being sufficiently clear and insufficiently present, the final and unspoken quality of the ideal disaster is that it be narratable as a disaster.
Further, Young's discussion of romantic narrative could apply equally to the sitcom: "the happy state toward which the action of the plot has been directed is [always] lived elsewhere, outside the boundary of the narratable present" (9).
Asking what experiences and possibilities stories make narratable is crucial to mapping their limits and transformative capacities.
to be accountable for the actions and experiences which compose a narratable life (2007:2i7)
She considers letters to friend and student Ursula Tyrwhitt and lover and mentor Auguste Rodin and others (as well as other sources) through Foucault's theory of power, Deleuze and Guattari's analytics of desire, and Caverero's concept of the narratable self, addressing the use of letters as documents of life in narrative research, the concept of love and how it shows up in her letters, the dynamics of space as she moved from London to Paris, her nude self-portraits and work as an art model, and her relationships with cats as they provided continuity in her life.
For the narrator of La Mort heureuse, the world remains nameable and narratable.
Only when the six-four hexagrams are arranged in chronological order are their relationships narratable, and only then is Yijing able to narrate the changes and developments of fate from a higher vantage point.
Drawing on Mieke Bal's distinction between "narrative memory" as "social construction," and thus narratable, and "traumatic memory" as "inflexible and invariable" and "addressed to nobody" in other words, essentially hidden (Bal x), the point can be made that Kyomuhendo's fictions work as "narrative memory" that tell of the "traumatic memory" of persons traumatized by extreme violence.
Sexual pleasure, that of women generally and of mothers especially, remains unnarratable long after sex itself becomes narratable, and my similar approach focuses on details of the surface plot to reveal how this subcategory of the unnarratable is rendered through the interaction of surface and submerged plots.