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98) includes a bonus feature, appears unabridged on 22 CDs, and is narrated by Gladwell himself, who does a fine job of narrating THE TIPPING POINT, BLINK, and OUTLIERS.
The 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' actor will be narrating Tom DicCillo's flick, which has been titled 'When You're Strange', reports the Screen Daily.
It's a routine that he unthinkingly believes gives him comfort, until one day he hears a voice narrating all the mind- numbing activities of his same-old, same-old day.
As a New Yorker, I really enjoyed narrating the tour," says Sigourney Weaver.
Here, according to my own proposals, the insistence on the presence of a speaker constitutes an interpretative move, in which the reader concludes from the presence of a narrative discourse that someone must be narrating the story and that therefore there must be a hidden narrator (or narrative voice) in the text" (622).
It could be that the deer is narrating what it types, or it could be that the deer is in fact Anne.
EX-COP John Stalker is pursuing a new career - narrating the wacky Rocky Horror Show on stage complete with fishnet stockings and suspenders.
In narrating Hewlett's career, White also discusses his nemesis and sometime helper, the newspaper editor Mordecai Noah.
Whitmore, a self-professed history lover, is narrating.
In narrating the history of humanism, including the history of its interpretations by modern scholars, Nauert is at his best.
In narrating the activities of her extended family, Jaffrey demonstrates how daily life is enriched by traditional values.
PITTSBURGH -- Inecom Entertainment Company is pleased to have three distinguished Oscar(R) winners and nominees narrating its documentaries that address historical issues affecting us today.