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Author Murakami, who found the intention of the campaign personally agreeable, wrote narrations for the TV commercials (*1) featuring acts of running.
Deftly presented by the talents of Wes Studi, James Earl Jones, and James Garner, The Trail Of Tears: Cherokee Legacy also includes narrations of famed celebrities Crystal Gayle, Johnt Buttrum, Governor Douglas Wilder, and Steven R.
Mommy Teach Me Spanish: Learn Volume 2 "Que Duermas Bien--Sweet Dreams from producer and director Jeanne Keene, and featuring narrations by Zack Hurst is an superbly produced and presented 31 minute DVD formatted introduction for young children to the interesting language of Spanish and its culture.
The strong masculinist voice embedded in the new narrations about the nation also misdirected scholars' attention toward male intellectuals.
Last week, I skipped one of the narrations, and this poor clarinetist was holding onto a note for five minutes,'' Yaroslavsky said.
This overlap occurs because these modes are defined along different axes: whereas first- and third-person narrations (as well as Genette's categories of homo- and heterodiegesis) are defined along the axis of narrator, second-person narration is defined along the axis of narratee--more precisely, by the coincidence of narratee and protagonist.
The Show and Tell product allows users to add up to 30 digital images that are optimized for clarity and speed, adding self-paced voice narrations.
Reader Deehy's background in acting has earned him awards for audiobook narrations.
Johnson's textual manipulations insert his readers directly in the midst of conflicting narrations of slavery, in part by thwarting our traditional interpretations of his novel and forcing us to participate in a more intricate reading of the subject of slavery and its attendant debates.
The virtual narrations of Gibson, Robbe-Grillet, and Cortazar emerge from the background of a standard impersonal third-person narration.
The NETGUI system creates a television-like experience for Web site visitors, employing professional voiceover narrations coupled with active graphics, VCR-like user controls and high-fidelity sound.