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It should rule some people out of the inquiry and therefore will narrow down our search for this man.
com allows consumers to narrow down gift options by inputting basic criteria such as gender and price point.
The web site is a tremendous time saver and convenience for potential tenants looking to narrow down their choices
The same method may narrow down a search when complete information about the target isn't available.
One piece of evidence that helped investigators narrow down the time of death was a gasoline receipt in Fitusi's pocket.
While one solution is to narrow down the number of variables to a more manageable number, this runs the risk of missing the best solution.
The man was able to provide clues that will help the base narrow down what materials might have been used in those tests, Shoffner said.
And they can only narrow down the age of the fissures to within the last several thousand years, although soil trapped in one fissure was radiocarbon-dated at about 1,050 years old.
During this testing, the companies will narrow down the specific materials and components that will be used in the final manufacturing process in an effort to exceed the European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee's guidelines.