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After a narrow search, they discovered the trail of an Indian party, which had evidently passed through that neighborhood but recently.
But first with narrow search I must walk round This Garden, and no corner leave unspi'd; A chance but chance may lead where I may meet Some wandring Spirit of Heav'n, by Fountain side, Or in thick shade retir'd, from him to draw What further would be learnt.
It includes detailed information and overviews on attractions, tours and events with accurate and up-to-date consumer information, maps and directions, and unedited reviews and comments from other independent travelers with high functionality allowing consumers to narrow search results based on the type of event, activity or attraction, season or cost.
For example, when looking for apartments to sell you can narrow search down according to city, neighborhood and certain keywords as well as specify price range, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and amenities.
The new Mosby's Index offers a simple, intuitive interface, filters to narrow search results, and easier access to Drug and Disease Subheadings, among other enhancements.
Google AdWords makes it particularly easy to tailor your ad to your local area - you can set a minimum and maximum radius to narrow search results.
The officer entered a too narrow search in the Police National Computer and failed to spot Clarke's prior offences.
The search engine provides users with a simple, easy to use search function that includes multiple advanced features allowing users to narrow search results or to create an advanced search.
A new refinement panel helps narrow search results so users can find the right information faster.
An advanced search option is also available to help narrow search results by a variety of factors, such as job location, salary level and financial incentive.
New and updated filters enhance and clarify media performance with narrow search criteria (by agency, source, market, and day part) so AEs and buyers, marketers and CFOs can access granular-level details about specific, individual airings.