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NarrowCast Group publishes a series of B2B-focused web properties and has launched a live events series that applies its online model of vendor/user connections in face-to-face settings.
This enables a very low input level to the transmitter, addressing one issue related to narrowcast networks.
The AT3520G seamlessly integrates additional narrowcast channels into existing HFC and Fiber Deep architectures enabling MSOs to expand narrowcast channel capacity.
The OP4528 features four optical input ports for broadcast and narrowcast services.
Increased demand for narrowcast services is prompting cable operators to segment their networks," said Sunil Frida, Senior Manager of HFC Solutions and Strategy for Harmonic Inc.
This includes high definition television, as well as narrowcast services such as VOD, personal video recorders (PVR), network PVR, time-shifted TV and Internet gaming.
The move to a personalized, on-demand service model is accelerating, as demonstrated by the billions of narrowcast views now delivered annually via VOD and other content-on-demand applications.
This high capacity solution optimizes narrowcast service delivery by performing a variety of essential functions at the edge including multiplexing, encryption, QAM modulation and RF upconversion.
With Harmonic's new solution, operators can more efficiently process pre-compressed video acquired from various sources into constant bit-rate (CBR) streams that can be efficiently delivered via a narrowcast service infrastructure.
Aurora Networks announced it is now shipping a complete family of 1 GHz optical transmitters for broadcast and narrowcast applications.
These low-cost broadcast and narrowcast transmitters enable cable operators to reduce the cost structure of their network deployments as well as increase both subscriber services and the number of subscribers serviced.
one of the 10 largest cable operators in the United States, is using Harmonic's Narrowcast Services Gateway(TM) (NSG) with Privacy Mode real-time encryption to protect video-on-demand (VOD) content.