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The margins have been tightened and the possibilities [of who was behind the assassination] have been narrowed down," Madi told The Daily Star, referring to the case of Brig.
After discussions with the various political leaders, the difference of opinion has been narrowed down to five or six issues.
The long-listed team will be narrowed down over the next week, and everyone on the team - both riders and support staff - is excited about the event.
In this simplified, hypothetical example, suppose you've narrowed down the possibilities for the final digits in the two secret Web addresses to two of three four-digit strings: 1 0 0 1,1 1 0 1, or 0 0 1 1.
In the cultural field in Belgium, the announced reprofiling of the Royal Museum for Central-Africa in Tervuren, and in the political field the research that is being conducted by the Lumumba-Commission are signaling a symbolical basis for change, narrowed down to historicist revisionism.
Let's say you've done extensive research and have narrowed down your choices.
After surveying 42 sites, we narrowed down the list to seven.
These we rather rapidly narrowed down to eight whom we interviewed, the whole process taking about a year.
The contest spanned three months and received over 1,600 submissions which were initially narrowed down to the top 100 semi-finalists and eventually to five finalists.
Our search committee had a list of 100 names and that is being narrowed down,'' Canter said.
POLICE have narrowed down the possible identity of the Piano Man to one of four names.
THE mystery of the Piano Man's identity could soon be solved after police narrowed down a list of possible names to just three.