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Examination findings in 30 patients that described respiratory distress Female Male Total (n: 19) (n: 11) (n: 30) Septal deviation 16 10 26 Concha bullosa 2 7 9 Inferior turbinate hypertrophy 8 9 17 Nasal crest 13 11 24 Decreased cartilage resistance 6 3 9 Table II.
Considering that in case of submucous resections of nasal septum the specified median palatine suture and the nasal crest are bared from the side of nasal cavity, in our opinion it would be more expedient to make crestotomy and suturotomy (a prototype of compactosteotomy) in endonasal way at the time of septectomy.
Montana State University paleontologists Elizabeth Freedman Fowler and Jack Horner described the large duck-billed dinosaurs with strangely tiny nasal crests November 11 in PLOS ONE.