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DRIP. The right of drip is an easement by which the water which falls on one house is allowed to fall upon the land of another.
     2. Unless the owner has acquired the right by grant or prescription, he has no right so to construct his house as to let the water drip over his neighbor's land. 1 Roll. Ab. 107. Vide Rain water; Stillicidium; and 3 Kent, Com. 436; Dig. 43, 23, 4 et 6; 11 Ad. & Ell. 40; S. C. 39 E. C. L. R. 21.

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People with headaches were also more likely to experience wheezing, breathlessness with exercise, nasal drip or sinus congestion and reflux disease after 9/11.
I have had nasal drip for at least 15 years--left nostril worse than right.
If you mean Mike, the duly elected what-you-ma-call-it, he is home with a bad case of post nasal drip and he is not expected back until early next week.