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Additionally, clinical experience with AlloDerm in rhinoplasty and nasal septal perforation repair were discussed at the Symposium.
However, sinonasal endoscopy revealed a near-complete nasal septal perforation and an obstructing mass in the posterior fight nasal cavity.
Nasal septal perforation - a hole made by erosion of the nasal septum - can be caused by previous nasal surgery, repeated trauma to the nasal area, or exposure to industrial or other chemicals that can damage tissue.
In 1912, Owens reported the first case of nasal septal perforation as a result of intranasal cocaine use.
On physical examination, we noted a nasal septal perforation and a large amount of nasal crusting.
The repair of a nasal septal perforation presents a reconstructive challenge to the nasal surgeon.
Nasal septal perforation has been reported in 40% of cases of nasal T-cell lymphoma.
We report the case of a 12-year-old boy who had severe Crohn's disease and a nasal septal perforation, and we discuss this complication in the context of its otolaryngologic manifestations.