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The feeling of increased nasal patency may be mediated by thermoreceptors in the nasal vestibule, according to investigators Dr.
Examination of the nose revealed a polypoid mass in the right nasal vestibule with septal deviation.
Anterior rhinoscopy revealed purulent discharge in the floor of the right nasal cavity with a thickened nasal vestibule.
Various strategies for the management of a nasal leech have been described in the literature; they include suctioning, a wait-and-watch policy whereby water in a kidney tray is placed 1 cm below the nasal vestibule, (4) injection of a 4% lidocaine solution into the parasite, (5) and removal with artery forceps or pliers.
We report what we believe is only the second case of mucosal desmoplastic melanoma arising from the nasal vestibule.