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In short, what Genesis describes is a "process, whose starting point is not perfection but nascence.
Since the nascence of exposure-based interventions for the treatment of anxiety disorders in the mid 20th century, much research has been devoted to dismantling these interventions, investigating the manipulation of different parameters of the exposure, and determining which parameters are most essential.
An allegory about the nascence of Nazism, White Ribbon is also a critique of a patriarchal class system in which women are victims and protectors, the men almost invariably righteous in their stern propagation of privilege and abuse.
The pre-Harlem nascence of black art was nurtured by minstrel stars like Williams and Walker, who cast down their buckets at Marshall's Hotel, and by innovative writers like Dunbar, who wrung racial and artistic value out of racist traditions.
This distinction goes back to two cases decided during the nascence of the preservation movement-Hilborn v.
Moreover, Battaglia was decided in the nascence of a profound academic reassessment of the relationship between Congress and the federal courts.
Bangalore, May 7 -- Though mobile gaming in India is still in its nascence (SMS still constitutes the largest chunk of the VAS pie, mobile gaming is approximately 1%) With the onset of 3G, the mobile gaming industry, which is currently pegged at Rs 100 crore, is estimated to grow by up to 200% by the next financial year, say industry experts.
The following discussion will isolate some influences which could hasten the nascence of a new Canadian mental health law, drawing from the United Nations, the European Union, the Council of Europe, the WHO and some countries which are in the process of changing course.
Yet, now, in the nascence of the new millennium, man is developing a force whose power may dwarf that boogeyman of 1950s duck-and-cover nightmares.
in 1966 as the law and economics movement was in its nascence.
When the jurisprudence of aggravating and mitigating factors was still in its nascence, the purpose of aggravating factors was to narrow death-eligible crimes significantly to the most heinous acts.
they are fit into the fixed intervals of our tempered scale, but especially when divorced from the text to which they owe their nascence.