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This is an unfortunate critical oversight, particularly when Sula's ancestry, idiosyncrasies, and literary cousins have been ascribed to all kinds of things, places, and mythologies but not to those ogbanje-abiku with whom she shares "traits" as sell other, and idea, a loaded idiom, one that embeds and mediates the narrative's philosophic concern with duplicitous nascency, immanent suffering, and cyclical mortality.
Even though it is in its nascency in libraries, it has captured the attention of many film archivists for some time.
The "state"--or rather the four very different states of England, Holland, Spain, and France--comes under serious scrutiny precisely through this comparison, and emerges as an extremely fragile entity, blossoming somewhere between the (temporary) recession of the religion sphere, and the nascency of the economic sphere as a transnational category.