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Bisey, DSc (Hon), a distinguished scientist and inventor who discovered it in 1914, and it became scientifically known as nascent iodine in 1926.
Rising borrowing costs may become a major hurdle Australia's nascent economic recovery in the months ahead: while the RBA has kept benchmark interest rates on hold at 3% since February, the cost of borrowing in Australian Dollars for six months or longer in the interbank market has gradually crept higher over recent months.
To answer this question, we combine expectancy theory (Gatewood, 1993; Vroom, 1964) with goal setting theory (Austin and Vancouver, 1996; Locke and Latham, 1990) to create a conceptual lens for examining factors associated with nascent entrepreneurs' goal commitment, or the extent to which they exhibit attitudes that prioritize devoting substantial energy to their start-up activities.
The purpose of this study is to provide a deeper understanding of entrepreneurial intentions by comparing multiple types of work satisfaction, life satisfaction, and stress level among three distinct groups: nascent entrepreneurs who plan to initiate a new venture but are still organizationally employed, organizational employees who do not wish to initiate a new venture, and current entrepreneurs.
is a diversified technology development and acquisition company, building revenues by strategic acquisition and commercialization of nascent commercial technology and by the acquisition of synergistic operating companies.
Their heavy involvement in the world body's founding is a powerful indictment of that organization's true purpose as a nascent world government.
One possible source for these nascent entrepreneurs is located in universities.
Nascent Form creates navigation interfaces and software tools that allow the user to exploit digital space.
Nascent Index, one of four main parts to the kit, breaks down course content into general ideas and specific bits of information; the outline format allows users to quickly browse through vast amounts of information.
The nascent Triangle Television Network, formerly the Gay Television Network, appears to have crossed wires with its would-be distributor, Dish Satellite Network.
Once returned to the body of a patient, these nascent immune cells gradually reestablished the immune system's self-protective priority and gave rise to a new immune system in the lupus sufferers, says study coauthor Ann E.