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I will bury that nasty person in the hole which he has dug.
My servant is an old country-woman, ill-natured from stupidity, and, moreover, there is always a nasty smell about her.
I will answer for it, he never cared three straws about her-- who could about such a nasty little freckled thing?
If she also then prefers me when I'm nasty it seems to me I ought to satisfy her.
how can she think of spending her life there, cooped up with that nasty old man; and no hope of change?
I have lived a very nasty, horrible life, and now God is punishing me as I deserve.
This is nasty weather, damn nasty weather, and they've got to buck into it just like me.
In fact, it was as nasty and savage a snarl as all his life had been nasty and savage.
We know there are nasty things in the world, but that is no reason - "
My little loves, do you sniff a nasty smell here--ha?
It seemed to be against the law of nature, by which everything hath a right to liberty; nay, it is even unchristian, for it is not doing what we would be done by; but if I had imagined Miss Sophia would have been so much concerned at it, I am sure I never would have done it; nay, if I had known what would have happened to the bird itself: for when Master Jones, who climbed up that tree after it, fell into the water, the bird took a second flight, and presently a nasty hawk carried it away.
Their lives being, for the most part, passed in looking about them for something to do, it is curious to see--especially when their tastes are of what is called the intellectual sort--how often they drift blindfold into some nasty pursuit.