national culture

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This study examines how business strategy, industry competitive environment and national culture affect the accuracy and level of agreement among financial analysts who predict the future earnings of international competitors.
Together these aspects of our national culture became available to a generation that already, from the 1950s, had signaled its spiritual quest through the celebration of cultural icons like Thomas Merton and Bishop Fulton Sheen.
Urice, the Pew's National Culture Program Officer, calls "an infrastructure for understanding the role of culture in America.
Even when companies share the same national culture, it is very tempting to blame the "other" when things go wrong or become uncomfortable.
The classification national culture covers both Han Chinese traditions and those of ethnic minorities.
The Minister of Culture said that the plan aims for rehabilitation and completion of the cultural infrastructures and rehabilitation of the National Theatre and the buildings of the National Culture and Arts Council and contributing to establishment of public libraries in the states in coordination with the concerned bodies.
have been undertaken through the National Culture Fund (NCF) of Ministry of Culture.
His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa yesterday emphasised the government's support of efforts to codify and document the kingdom's historical heritage -- a component of national culture and an effective means to show Bahrain's identity and distinguished status.
The festival is traditionally organized to preserve and promote national culture heritage of the people of Uzbekistan.
We are a nation of communities, a patchwork of the "milltir sgwar", rich and culturally diverse, but all united by our common national culture, history and language.
The discussion centers on the way that rhetorics of national culture have the ability to trigger conflict.

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