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This type of recognition gives Mentus a national status and validates our creative path," he said.
HYDERABAD, January 28, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Agreeing in principle to the objective of the National Languages Amendment bill, recently tabled in the National Assembly, speakers at a dialogue titled Sindhi Language, National Language - A Case took exception to giving national status to Arabic and Persian languages and terming of Sindhi as a popular language in the bill.
This is dangerous territory and if the nationalist movement goes unchallenged we will find ourselves being led on a dangerous and slippery slope to a Welsh Parliament, full national status and independence.
Former Plaid president Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas, who declared himself a European federalist, dismissed the vote, which he said did not change the party's written constitution which aimed for full national status.
The consultation has been looking at Plaid's calls to give the National Assembly the same law making and tax-varying powers as the Scottish Parliament, and give Wales full national status within the European Union.
Mr Crabtree said the award reflected the firm's strengthening national status and a long term strategy to grow the business out of its Birmingham base.
Elson, who has served at every level of the game from club to national status, developed an interest in bowls at the age of 14 in 1950 and has been a regular player of the game ever since, still performing regularly for the Coundon club in Coventry.
Ludwig insisted that he has told agency employees not to solicit state-chartered banks to switch to national status.
All players and prospects are also listed in alphabetical order by their national status.
While reiterating her resolve for enshrining Sindhi as a national language in Pakistan, she related that in the constitution of India the same national status had been bestowed upon Sindhi language.
Wearily, we shall have to keep on repeating that if all the nations of these islands gained full national status, we should still have to put together some kind of over-arching political structure to deal with things like macroeconomics, a common defence and foreign policy and all sorts of matters of common concern.
While the party's aim is full national status in the EU, something I subscribe to,I have always felt that the next stage, to achieve a parliament on the Scottish model, is the most important.

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