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That is why I suggest that internationalism, the determined intention to work with other nations and groups of nations, finding shared values of justice and rights, as well as trade, is of a higher order of thought and opinion, incorporating moral principles, rather than merely fostering age-old nationalistic prejudices.
For this reason, the idea that the region was left to the PKK would not work in the election campaign, and the campaign will thus rely on superficial nationalistic discourses.
The Israeli government is causing the situation to a point of "crisis and explosion" and these practices will not break the solid unity of the Palestinian people in facing this violent wave which aims to destroy the nationalistic project," it said.
Their self interest is what matters, and this interest is indeed the interest of "Egypt", which despite all the nationalistic slogans, in reality is nothing but its people.
Analyst Ibrahim Mehmeti considers that the nationalistic ideas should be rejected but not be swept under the rug as this could cause negative consequences for the entire society.
US politicians say that a ban on expressing nationalistic sentiments would infringe freedom of speech.
He went on: "I'm surprised (British) people are not as nationalistic as they could be to protect jobs.
Bulgarian NGOs have demanded that the Bulgarian capital Sofia's municipality ban the nationalistic rally scheduled at the same time and place as the upcoming "Sofia Pride" gay parade on June 18.
IN reply to Arthur Davies' letter (DP, June 7) I thought the whole idea of Plaid Cymru AMs being elected was to fight for the nationalistic heritage of Wales, hence the term Welsh nationalist.
Playing on the Symphony Hall stage where he made his concerto debut at the age of 12, Birmingham-born (and still occasionally domiciled) Philip Fisher here embraces piano music composed by the 19thcentury nationalistic "Mighty Handful" of Russian composers.
Aside from the name "Macedonia", he speaks also about the geographic qualifier, the nationalistic heating up of conflict situations and the abuse of the issue for political popularity.
Much of the pageantry of the occasion was enjoyed by millions as a celebration of English/British nationalistic pride.