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INTERPRETER. One employed to make a translation. (q v.)
     2. An interpreter should be sworn before he translates the testimony of a witness. 4 Mass. 81; 5 Mass. 219; 2 Caines' Rep. 155.
     3. A person employed between an attorney and client to act as interpreter, is considered merely as the organ between them, and is not bound to testify as to what be has acquired in those confidential communications. 1 Pet. C. C. R.. 356; 4 Munf. R. 273; 1 Wend. R. 337. Vide Confidential Communications.

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Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles will be free to download and play from the Chrome Web Store when Native Client support is publicly available.
Online games are a great showcase for the power of the open-source Native Client technology as it enables demanding applications such as console-quality games to run seamlessly and securely inside the browser.
TapMesh, founded by former Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) engineers and tech start-up entrepreneurs, said it has announced the beta launch of the Mojo messaging platform in addition to its first native client, Mojo Messenger for iOS.
Ericom AccessToGo for Chrome is built on Google Native Client (NaCl) technology.
Still, SAP will continue developing native client interfaces for mobile devices like the iPhone, he added.
A Native client who might not be responsive to Ericksonian treatment by an Anglo therapist might well respond positively to a Native healer using a similar but more culturally appropriate treatment.
lt;p>Google also is developing technology called Native Client for its recently unveiled Chrome OS that allows code to execute locally to boost the performance of Web-based applications.
Data is broadcast to all connected clients (LAN and web) - modal and modeless dialogs are supported - the same way as they are in the native client.
Seamless native client integration with Sun Gnome and Common Desktop Environment (CDE) desktops
Users are free to choose how they access their data, whether through a native client, the traditional NetWare client or through a Web browser.
Worldwide Computer Products News-8 January 2001-Citrix offers native client support for OS/2 (C)1995-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
has developed a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) to replace the out-of-box Amdocs Resource Manager native client.