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But it is to be understood and appreciated that language control comes more easily to a native speaker.
As a native speaker of German, I, too, had to learn how to please Americans.
In four of the seven local authorities in the region, pupils whose first language isn't English outperform native speakers in getting 5 A*-C grades at GCSE.
Six pieces of writing were selected from three strata: two native speaker texts which had been assessed as 'A' standard, two native speaker texts assessed as 'C' standard and two non native speaker texts both assessed as 'C' standard.
Graddol goes on to emphasize that "Lack of a native speaker accent is not a sign of poor competence' because "as English becomes more widely used as a global language, it will become expected that speakers will signal their nationality and other aspects of identity, through English".
For her own purposes, Muller concentrates on the recordings of 34 American native speakers of English and 77 German speakers of English as a foreign language, for a total of approximately 6.
Instructors are DLI trained native speakers of the target language with advanced English proficiency.
Preference has to be for the Paul Webber-trained Native Speaker, whose record of victories suggesting he is at his very best on his return from an absence seems little more than coincidence.
Going as a native speaker should give us a real advantage.
Elizabeth Zsiga made the discovery when One Tlale, a student from the University of Botswana in Zsiga's phonetics class and a native speaker of the dialect Sengwato, asked Zsiga to help her identify a sound from her language that resembles a combination of "f" and "s.
1989) says, "We suspect that this is one of those idiomatic usages that seldom give the native speaker trouble.
AS a multilingual writing tutor who came to the United States to study as an undergraduate, I am at a peculiar crossroads: Students come to me expecting a native speaker, while my background places me in the writing center's most archetypal customer group.