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As this stage moved to a close, attempts to figure out what it means to be Indian suddenly seemed to gain momentum and propel participants forward into the next stage, in which a life-changing reconnection to other Indian people and their own Nativeness began.
Lee rehearses and updates Whitman's representation of the national self and thus lodges himself as well as that self not only fully within but also externally to the nation and its domain of nativeness.
Eva Gruber's Humor in Contemporary Native North American Literature: Reimagining Nativeness has something of the feel of an end to an era about it, even as its concluding segments reach beyond, gesturing toward scholarship that most likely defines the coming decade in North American Aboriginal/Indigenous humour studies.
In "spanish," Laviera underscores such hybridity on the island by giving emphasis to "the nativeness of the spanish / mixing with the indians and the blacks" (AmeRican 33).
This sort of discussion is very useful because it shows that individuals, families, and communities have all had distinct experiences of Nativeness.
Mallot: I would attribute it to generations of Native peoples having their Nativeness repressed and to them not knowing who they are as Native people.
In this way, the folk resources of Nepali proverbs, local verse formats and song styles were welded to a much wider proto-nationalist project in which the symbolic value of their nativeness was used to support an emerging jati identity.
Post-colonial theorist Etienne Balibar argues that colonizing states appear to view native populations as "exterior," but the process within the colonizing nation of producing and reproducing this exteriority acts to interiorize nativeness.
The key issue is whether learners assign the quality of nativeness to a computer-based language learning tutorial and whether this attribution affects their recall of information from the tutorial.
Indians were the first ethnicity to undergo forced Americanization, in boarding schools where they lost their language, their names, their dress, their food, everything that signified their nativeness.
The very strangeness (and, for me, the strange beauty) of the poem in English only emphasizes its supposed translation, The English has been subverted by a foreign language; foreignness and nativeness, then, are consubstantial in the sense and syntax.
Current systems vary in the semantics defined for the notions of subtyping, inheritance, and nativeness.