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Thus he was afraid that his native-speaking claim might not be accepted as perceptions seemed to equate nativeness with whiteness.
I didn't want anything to do with my Nativeness and the Native American church.
Where the colonial and postcolonial cosmopolitan spy went native to become native-like, like the other, and thus fluent in the colony's idiom, Henry is the native or the quasi native scrambling to get beyond this nativeness, beyond his American, "assimilated" persona so as to reconstitute a sort of "pre-native," pre-Americanized profile presumably conducive to a bond, to a window into Kwang's native Korean self.
Humor in Contemporary Native North American Literature: Reimagining Nativeness.
The core of such Third World criticism in China is an emphasis on nativeness rather than rebellion against oppression as if the "discursive oppression" of the Third World by the First World were the major form of oppression in China today, and therefore it conceals and avoids, wittingly or unwittingly, the violence and oppression that do exist in real lie in the Chinese society.
signif[ies] a more decolonized understanding of what could otherwise be termed Nativeness.
In general terms, the affirmation of Pakeha nativeness and Kiwi citizenship exemplified in Mallard's speech draws on the language of rights given in western democratic systems and the norms of a market-driven economy tied to global capital.