natural ability

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Natural Ability, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, had stalled its plans for supported tenancies and respite accommodation due to reductions in social care budgets.
Because of his natural ability, Henry describes his earlier years of playing as more or less operating on automatic pilot.
The M+M program is designed to enhance our natural ability to think in pictures, and emphasizes challenging math problems, particularly fraction models; graphing; p]ace value; pre-algebra; ratio and proportion; shape visualization, patterns, ordering and congruency; and symmetry operations, rotations and unfolding.
With collagen as the base, gelatin possesses a natural ability to jell but requires manipulation and preparation in its commercial form.
Hitting most certainly requires a lot of cerebration and mental preparedness, but it is not going to make a hitter out of anyone who doesn't have some natural ability and a good work ethic.
We are not trying to coerce the virus into doing something it is not fit or designed to do, but rather exploit the natural ability of this remarkable pathogen to target and destroy certain cell types," says Gromeier, a microbiologist at Duke University in Durham, N.
I think they may have a natural ability -- a temperament that they were born with -- that helps them handle stress.
Haskin examines the way that Milton's use of the Latin ingenium has been rendered as "talents," an etymological anachronism that elides the discrepancy between seventeenth-century usage and its modern sense of natural ability.
Over time, laxatives can damage nerve cells in the colon and interfere with the colon's natural ability to contract.
Hearst turned to the Heatherette design duo and her dear friends, Rich and Rains, to help style the bag because of their approach to design and fashion and their natural ability to know what would best embody Hearst and her personality.
DEREK ADAMS last night revealed he signed Martin Scott on a seasonlong loan from Hibs because of his natural ability on the field - and his funnyman skills off it.
His natural ability on the piste has seen him take the Welsh championship and be picked for a French ski team.