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Natural family planning attempts to predict the safe times by analysis of the menstrual planning, recognising the small rise in body temperature that occurs for a few hours around the time of ovulation, and identifying changes in the mucous around the cervix that occur when the female is able to conceive.
Marcos Arevalo, director of biomedical research at the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, the study's "data on the day of ovulation, and the fact that actual ovulation occurs only once in a cycle, provide support for the efficacy of natural family planning methods.
Natural family planning and abstinence would be the preferred means of family planning for those who wish to prevent pregnancy, along with adoption and infertility services for those couples who want children but have difficulty conceiving.
CycleBeads is a true innovation that provides a highly effective method of natural family planning.
Up until 1951 many Catholic theologians held that natural family planning was equivalent to contraception and thus immoral.
During the two-month period, we went to two additional appointments with Nancy, learning more about the natural family planning method.
They were Billings natural family planning instructors for the Diocese of Fort Worth, and Mr.
It verges on misleading to claim that the Church condemns all intentionally nonprocreative sexual acts (78), especially given its growing emphasis on responsible parenthood and natural family planning, which K.
The 74-year-old nun and research chemist now runs Messengers of Love - a group that provides advice on natural family planning and healing therapies augmented through the power of prayer from her home in Corsham in Wiltshire.
The court heard she wanted to use natural family planning to space her children's birth, but her husband would not consider it.
The investigators used data from a prospective cohort study of 782 European women practicing natural family planning.