natural fitness

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And how perfect a proof of the natural fitness and, I may almost say, the divine origin of the aristocratic constitution of the States in Flatland
Good Luke felt, after the manner of contented hard-working men whose lives have been spent in servitude, that sense of natural fitness in rank which made his master's downfall a tragedy to him.
He was always one of the fitter players on the panel and I think that natural fitness has come through the whole year.
It is why, last summer, Manchester United forked out [euro]42million for Luke Shaw, a left-back whose natural fitness levels have yet to be proved.
Danns boasts incredible natural fitness and, at 32, is still able to motor up and down for 90 minutes.
Utilizing a wooden block like the Natural Fitness Bamboo Yoga Block can assist a runner in the "forward fold" pose by removing pressure from the back of the legs and allowing a deeper and more comfortable stretch.
But having got that game under his belt, and having played regional rugby yesterday, I think he will be more or less up to speed by Friday because he has always had a natural fitness even if he has suffered in recent years with injuries.
TEAM ETHIC: Tim Howard "Every session makes a big difference and that is down to his personal natural fitness.
But playing in the MLS has clearly not taken the edge off his game or blunted his scoring instincts, and his natural fitness remains as high as it ever did to the appreciative eye.
These kids have a natural fitness and incredible physiques.
Not enough kids seem to play enough hours of football and that has an impact on your natural fitness and stamina levels.