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Application of natural language processing to chemical patents.
The majority of practical applications of natural language processing technology are in interfacing with databases.
105 data tables and 37 figures are provided in Natural Language Processing (NLP) Market[IVR, OCR, Pattern Recognition, Auto Coding, Text Analytics, Speech Analytics, Machine Translation, Information Extraction, Question Answer, Report Generation] - Worldwide Market Forecast & Analysis (2013-2018) research report along with all the market information and analysis.
com) offers a clinical natural language processing (NLP) platform that enables medical practitioners and administrators to effectively make use of the wealth of currently unusable medical information they collect.
Teragram Corporation is the market leader in multilingual natural language processing technologies that use the meaning of text to distill relevant information from vast amounts of data.
AlchemyAPI has earned a reputation as one of the fastest natural language processing solutions available anywhere," said CEO Elliot Turner.
The company's information retrieval, natural language processing, and document proofing technology has been widely deployed in commercial products and has been used by hundreds of millions of end-users.
Watson Research Center, where he helped create a Natural Language Processing system for identifying time expressions that was recognized by the National Institute of Science and Technology.
ConQuest is the only company to incorporate full, published dictionaries to achieve true, natural language processing of text and compound documents.
Through the integration of speech recognition and natural language processing within existing health information management workflow, Dictaphone systems are helping healthcare organizations save money and improve patient care by increasing the speed, accuracy and usability of their medical documentation.

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