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The natural selection had completed when human began their ethical selection in the history of civilization.
Second, they contend that natural selection is not a strong enough mechanism to function in the way science claims it does because of their belief that genetic mutations cannot yield positive results for organisms.
What are the contexts for reasoning about natural selection that we would like students to recognize?
But it backpedaled whenit appeared that Natural Selection, backed by Qadhafi, might have a role.
The scientific community has never monolithically regarded natural selection as the sole mechanism of evolution.
On the second question, neither in Behe's writings nor those of any other IDer is there the slightest indication of how intelligence performs the magic that natural selection cannot do.
FDA officials stressed that the bacteria had not been isolated in products sold by Natural Selection Foods but that the link was established by patient accounts of what they had eaten before becoming ill.
The study suggests the birds may play more active roles in their own natural selection than traditional models of evolution would support.
The official ID definition: certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.
Equilibrium and harmony seem only to prevail in the wild where natural selection has no apparent ambition, moral obligation or conscience.
Natural selection is a purposeless, unconscious mechanism driven by chance whose result can be manifested only on time scales of the order of millions of years.
He was a staunch opponent of the theory of evolution and among the last of reputable scientists who rejected it after the publication of The Origin of Species, even though his 1851 Essay provided Darwin and others with evidence to support natural selection.