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Natural selection is one of the pillars of contemporary evolutionary theory.
Without such tools, it is simply impossible to know when an instructional intervention has provided students with the tools for making use of natural selection.
In Natural Selection we have used a strain from Westerham Brewery in Kent which was lodged with the National Yeast Collection when it was founded in 1946.
coli outbreak possibly traced to Natural Selection Foods, based in San Juan Bautista, Calif.
Changes in gene frequency brought about by random genetic drift, gene flow, and natural selection lead to the evolution of populations.
Evolutionary psychologists believe that the behavior of social attachment evolved through natural selection because it produced survival advantages.
This theory of aging was called by Kirkwood the disposable soma--a name which derives from the fact that the individual's reproductive output and not the physical body is the basis of the target function of natural selection.
Yet, even as natural selection becomes entrenched, there remain deep mysteries of creation against which scientific understanding has made no progress at all--especially the origin of life, which Darwinian theory can't account for.
Moreover, Darwinian Fundamentalism will again provide natural selection wherein only the more experienced operators will continue to thrive.
Natural selection favored good ol' boys who knew how to stiffen suspensions, soup up engines and invent driving tricks that made cars do things they'd never been designed for, like take hairpin mountain curves at a hundred mph or so.
And the laws of physics may have "evolved" in a process similar to natural selection in biology.
Darwinism says that the tawny owl's ability to survive by hunting at night in temperate woodland has evolved through natural selection.