natural tendency

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Retweeting CBS journalist Zack Whittaker`s response on a BuzzFeed report on the breach of Aadhaar database in India, Snowden said, "It is the natural tendency of government to desire perfect records of private lives.
Shrinkage occurs to all curls, from type 2 to type 4, but shrinkage isn't all that bad--it's the natural tendency of kinky, curly hair, and an indication that curls are healthy and full of elasticity," noted Nicola Chung, senior director of Sundial Brands, manufacturer of SheaMoisture.
People are vulnerable when the body has a natural tendency to protect itself by thickening the blood to prevent haemorrhage, for example after an operation and to a certain extent after giving birth.
They have a natural tendency to joke; one of the best parts of the book is their lighthearted banter.
Pikkety's thesis is simple enough: Rising inequality is due to the fact that wealth generally grows faster than the economy, and there are few economic forces that counteract the natural tendency of wealth to become concentrated, as greater wealth means greater opportunity to save and invest.
Esch said that his company has changed all that by embracing everybody's natural tendency to cover foods in bacon, by making these bacon-flavoured diet drinks.
As physicians, when we accept a gift for which there may be some ethical implications, our natural tendency is to rationalize the action.
It's just my natural tendency to be quiet and more introspective," Anderson says, "but in my career and certainly being married to my wife, I learned you have a lot more fun talking to people.
When parents are faced with children who suffer from infections, ear aches or other ailments, there is a natural tendency to want to see them made better -- and the sooner the better.
Jim OUR political leaders are often accused of creating a nanny state, part of their natural tendency to interfere in the lives of voters who would rather be left alone.
The natural tendency is to cool the skin - try some cooling 'after-sun' products first.
Now she's an out-of-the box administrator at Duke University who has written a stimulating book trumpeting the benefits of computer-based school and business reforms that exploit people's natural tendency to multitask.