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Three adults were required to run the naturalistic probe for interrupting appropriately.
Ostrow considers the earthly and naturalistic qualities of Caravaggio's Angels that are conceived as liminal creatures caught between the sacred and the profane.
It is an interesting and important project to examine what a naturalistic analytic philosopher would find valuable in Buddhism.
One of the most important results from the 100-car naturalistic driving study was the degree to which fatigue is a cause of accidents," Charlie Klauer, group leader for teen risk and injury prevention at the transportation institute's Center for Vulnerable Road User Safety said.
Naturalistic silks of the 1730s show an overwhelming multiplicity and intensity of colour, achieved through the technique of brocading.
SHIFT IN FOCUS: When Gainsborough became "sick of portraits", he began painting naturalistic landscapes.
These demonstrate how increasing use of naturalistic explanations were employed from the thirteenth century onwards, but also how this increase was driven by scholastic attempts to eradicate superstition.
Therefore, for purpose of this investigation, all research using DTT is referred to as contrived approaches because the instructional strategy is not "typical" of a naturalistic setting.
This article describes naturalistic assessment as a particularly important family of rehabilitation assessment tools consistent with these developments.
With a cast of five; a set of two adjoining apartments and a space for ancillary scenes in the street, hallway, and bar; and a botched burglary, the spectator might think Len Jenkin's Five of Us naturalistic and the opening speaker the "idiot person" that he says he is (Dramatists Play Service, 1986, p.
One of the most celebrated naturalistic white gardens was created by Vita Sackville-West at Sissinghurst in Kent, England.
To think this way, however, would be to commit a serious mistake: the naturalistic fallacy.