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Research on determinants of naturalization suggests that the propensity to naturalize is positively associated with youth and educational attainment.
immigration laws, which could affect naturalization policy and the number of persons who naturalize each year.
citizenship status over lawful permanent residence status, substantial numbers of LPRs who are eligible to naturalize have not done so.
Freesia naturalizes reliably only in mild-winter areas of Arizona and California; flowers are smaller the second year.
As outlined above, Palestinian refugees resident in Syria are treated "like Syrian Arab citizens" - but are denied the right, granted under Syrian Citizenship law to all persons of Arab origin, to naturalize into Syrian Arab citizenship on privileged terms.
It is firmly the view of this writer that citizenship is a universal human right, and that the denying Palestinian refugees the right to naturalize into the citizenship of their host Arab countries - a right granted in Syrian citizenship legislation to all other Arabs - is a blatant violation of this basic human right.
Naturalization is one of the three ways that you can naturalize a person into a Philippine citizenship and it is only in Congress where we have the option to naturalize on the basis of the Philippines' need.
Puno, who authored the bills to naturalize Marcus Douthit and Andray Blatche before, is seeking to at least get two to four naturalized players at the mamixum, all of whom he hopes to bolster the national team program.
Nine months ago, Bokchalian was inspired to naturalize after her grandson spotted an advertisement from the Department of Civil Services, a private agency in Glendale that provides translation and immigration services to immigrants.
The INS Los Angeles District naturalizes people in their 90s or older about once a year, Rogers said.
Republicans in Congress alleged the process was rushed in order to naturalize as many aliens as possible in time for the November 1996 elections and that Vice President Al Gore's office may have played a role in that.
Egg-white has proteins that polymerizes or naturalizes in the presence of certain acids, bases, organic compounds, salts or by physical heating.