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The FPM leader stressed that naturalizing Palestinians was a "real" rather than a "theoretical conspiracy that has started in 1948.
Borrowing the concept of "polycentrism" from Walter Laqueur and Samir Amin, and employing poststructuralism, postmodernism, postcolonial theory, and feminism, Hogue deconstructs the white/black binary and its naturalizing logic, and astutely shows how the dyad has been kept in place--through different, though similar mechanisms across cultures and within their own idioms.
Which is to say that this strategy has allowed Ma guire to keep faith with a tradition of expressionistic figuration even as he resists naturalizing or eliding context and convention--tendencies that have so often compromised the radical potential of that tradition.
8 million people waiting to become Americans, immigrants like Contreras are waiting dramatically shorter periods and are, in fact, naturalizing ahead of those applicants caught in the backlog.
Which raises a question that those who advocate against naturalizing more foreigners may want to focus on instead: Just how well are we preparing native-born Americans for citizenship?