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The High Court of the country intervened several times in the past and issued rules against pollution as well as encroachment, but up until now nothing substantial has been achieved in recovering the naturalness of these rivers.
Regardless of a tighter definition, the naturalness of the materials that make up many other types of consumer products can be more effectively used as a marketing tool.
In addition, we examine whether perceived naturalness influences preferences for produce from urban farms or if it is linked to organic production, since organic is often associated with a natural way of producing food (Davies, Titterington, and Cochrane, 1995; Harper and Makatouni, 2002).
The most important inner values are health and naturalness.
In the pursuit of a vision, as we take concrete steps each day towards realizing it, we need to show proofs of love: for God, through acts of submission to His will, including in what He expects of us out of our daily work and other routine duties; for the people around us, through acts of naturalness and genuine show of care and attention; and for the country, through specific enterprising initiatives by which we positively contribute to the common cause of benefiting the people.
Among the various definitions offered, one common distinction is between what may be called naturalness-as-property, where naturalness is assessed in terms of the properties of species and ecosystems or lack of human impacts in relation to some benchmark (often the advent of industrialisation), and naturalness-as-autonomy, concerned with the absence of intentional human control.
The most popular health claims in the bread market overall referred to naturalness, with one-fifth of 2013 launches using one or more claims relating to naturalness, an additive- or preservative-free formulation or an organic positioning.
Over one-third of tracked launches used claims relating to naturalness and a similar percentage utilized fibre/wholegrain claims.
The Wood Look system also allows for the virtual application of the brand-new NATURAL MATTER range, composed of all-new stains designed to bring out the naturalness of the wood grain.
Naturalness, Representation, and the Metaphysics of Truth, DOUGLAS EDWARDS
Co-owner and chairman of Silhouette International, Arnold Schmied, said: "Her authenticity and naturalness are both things Silhouette admire in Cate and it was important to the brand to try and capture the real Cate on the shoot.
the horses, because the impression I have got so far from the new-look Channel 4 team is that flash and flippancy has taken the place of warmth and naturalness.

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