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Huddleston, an Anglican priest, was sent by his religious order from England to South Africa in the 1950s, and in response to the moral evil of apartheid he wrote Naught for Your Comfort, the book's title taken from GK Chesterton's Ballad of the White Horse.
Naught has a Bachelor's in Psychology and Graduate Study in Sports Psychology from Eastern Washington University where he spent 10 years working with the men's basketball team.
Hector Ochoa, owner of the San Pedro de Atacama-based Ochoa Turismo travel agency, believes such extravagance may be for naught since the city's already-anemic tourism has tailed off in recent years, amounting to only 4,000 visitors in 1998.
No PGS workers ever devised a consistently radical politics, he argues, to challenge the industrial elite, and efforts to republicanize the workplace came to naught.
I feel absolutely wonderful because I know this money is not for naught, that it's going to be put to good use,'' Sikora said.
Along the way, it has blazed quite a path for itself, working from a phrase that gave the show its title: "There's naught so queer as folk.
Roddick had a chance to get back into the match in the fourth game, when he had three break points, but all three went for naught, and Ljubicic won the game when Roddick sent a backhand return into the net.
And the manipulation and transformation of motives that one might expect from a veteran film composer went for naught here.
He thought his amazing season, the best in Royal of Simi Valley football history, had all been for naught.