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The naughtiest would be, giving silly gifts to the people I care about-like microwavable containers to my stylist, who likes to bring home food from our catering.
It is still the naughtiest thing I have ever done" - Actress Emily Mortimer.
On being asked about the naughtiest thing she has done, the 'Dhak Dhak Girl' replied she chased Aamir Khan on the sets of 'Dil' with a hockey stick after he played a prank on her.
We're all familiar with the Arab world's most infamous - and naughtiest - puppet; it's Abla Fahita, of course
AS his sequel lands, here's your chance to get acquainted with cinema's naughtiest bear, Ted (Channel 4, tonight, 9pm) Ted opens on Christmas 1985, as a little boy called John stares at his favourite teddy and whispers, "I wish you could talk.
Also appearing is America's America's Naughtiest Mommy, Maria Walsh.
Instead, kick back with the naughtiest, funniest quiz on t'telly.
We investigate whether or not three-year olds are actually the naughtiest and if the way they act could be an early indication of antisocial behaviour.
Sonakshi may want her biography to be titled as 'The Best Secret Keeper' but this Dabangg girl let out her well kept secrets on her first date to the naughtiest pranks played and unimaginable fantasies only on zoOm
19 Pets corner Vote for the naughtiest dog in Scotland and meet our Pet of the Week,Diesel.
I would especially like to thank my ex-class teacher, for defending us even though our class earned the reputation of "The naughtiest of class X" and of course, all the teachers who taught my class.
The Golden Books, in fact, are the naughtiest, with the most unbalanced representations.