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Ignoring the absurdity of allowing America's most wanted to go to a motel in the middle of the night to speak to someone who not only is unaware of his mission but tried to kill herself because of him, the whole scene is nauseatingly stale and unaffecting.
But I've never come to that crossroads - I've always been blissfully happy and nauseatingly fortunate.
Islamophobia and Racism in an American Movie Theatre Not only is that excuse of movie Zero Dark Thirty grossly inaccurate, nauseatingly stereotypical and a disgustingly shameful propaganda , but it seems to be resonating with its intended audience by rousing up their Islamophobia and racism.
If you don't like to share your gaming experience, you might find some of the missions nauseatingly repetitive.
As I got older I wrote the most nauseatingly bad self-confessional poetry (thank you Sylvia Plath .
It was a commercial that com- bined poor writing, bad direction, inept casting and nauseatingly awful dialogue, whilst managing to be both offensive and pretentious at the same time.
The rest of the time I swim for cardio, which used to be nauseatingly boring but since my knee hurts doing everything else, by force of will I decided to like it.
The works could be described as a nauseatingly polychromatic antidote to his recent three-year, multivenue project, The Opening, which featured smug phrases (among other markings) scrawled, predominantly in black, across invariably white stretchers.
What a sickener for the hard-pressed residents of the island, who have suffered more than their fair share of economic blows, to face one of the steepest council tax rises - in part due to that nauseatingly high wage bill.
The other lowlight of the week has been the sudden return of that ruddy Thomas Cook advert, where Jamie Redknapp and his wife nauseatingly describe their wonderful holiday.
As I shiver in the cold that numbs you over at 6am, this cheesy thought seems nauseatingly cheerful.
She says: " Being there in this supposed position of power, rubbing shoulders with and doling out awards to celestial icons as if this is what I do for a living, is so nauseatingly heady that I periodically have to resort to pinching to convince myself that it is in fact what I do for a living.