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When he brings the candle here, from the corner of the window-sill, it slowly drips and creeps away down the bricks, here lies in a little thick nauseous pool.
And I have still the impression that, as hour followed hour since the falling of the wind, the nauseous swell in part subsided.
Their nauseous adulation of princely patrons was more prominent to me and chained my attention more surely than the charms of color and expression which are claimed to be in the pictures.
We had not thought much of the diamonds for the last twenty-four hours or so; indeed, the very idea of diamonds was nauseous, seeing what they had entailed upon us; but, reflected I, I may as well pocket some in case we ever should get out of this ghastly hole.
As she opened the door he smelt the sickly sweet smell which makes the neighbourhood of the leper nauseous.
All around the dank, nauseous odour of poison flowers, the ceaseless dripping of poisonous moisture.
The air was nauseous with the dank mucky odour that cooked out of the mangrove swamp.
Alcohol had been a dreadfully repugnant thing--more nauseous than any physic.
There is the tone which she takes through four closely written pages of nauseous humility and clap-trap sentiment
Its appearance was weird and nauseous, fantastic and silly.
She now first perceived the weakness of which she had been guilty; and though it caused the utmost perturbation in her mind, yet it had the effect of other nauseous physic, and for the time expelled her distemper.
It was a nauseous mess,--ship's coffee,--but the heat of it was revivifying.