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The Mopar Navus also features a built-in GPS antenna and speaker, and provides dead reckoning capability (which continues to route the driver if GPS signals are temporarily lost).
The affordable Mopar Navus is the best option for Chrysler, Jeep(R) and Dodge vehicles because it is engineered to work with each vehicle's bus interface, allowing it to seamlessly interact with other systems -- yet it installs in less than 30 minutes.
The Mopar Navus is currently available for 2005 Chrysler 300, Chrysler 300C, Jeep(R) Grand Cherokee, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Durango and Dodge Charger.
For more information about the new Navus Navigation System, as well as the full line of Authentic Accessories for Chrysler Group vehicles, see your nearest Chrysler, Jeep(R) or Dodge dealer.
The Navus provides premium automotive navigation capabilities -- including pre-loaded maps, an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and a high- resolution color TFT display, automatic route calculation, and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions -- at a price that is significantly less than most built-in systems.
Dealers can install the Navus in less than 30 minutes.
The Navus GPS navigation system gives our customers what they've been asking for -- a full-featured GPS navigation system that's easy to use, yet inexpensive when compared to most in-dash systems," said Paul Kelly, director, accessory portfolio for Mopar.
Additional features of the Navus system include: -- Automotive grade, high-resolution 8-bit TFT color touchscreen interface that's easy to see in day or night -- Turn-by-turn voice prompted directions with high-quality audio -- Calculates shortest or fastest routes to addresses or points of interest -- Automatically recalculates a route if the driver misses a turn -- Drivers can tell Navus to avoid areas of construction or traffic tie- ups -- Navus will build a route with multiple stops -- ideal for sales calls, deliveries, or errands -- Navus is connected directly into the automotive bus interface for seamless integration with other vehicle systems such as lighting and ignition -- Dead reckoning capabilities assist navigation if GPS signal is temporarily lost -- Optional remote control
The Navus system is available through Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealers.