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The two dependant variables reported here were near acuity at the threshold, assessed at the standard 40 centimeters (about 16 inches) with age-appropriate near correction using the Bailey-Lovie Word Reading Chart (Bailey & Lovie-Kitchin, 1980) and performance of activities of daily living using the Melbourne Low Vision ADL Index (MLVAI) (Haymes, Johnston, & Heyes, 2001).
1992) study, it can be noted that no factors relating to night driving or near acuity were identified; however, variables relating to night driving and near acuity both loaded on a factor that they referred to as an "age factor" (p.
12) They are also likely to read fluently if baseline near acuity is better than 1.
Measurement of accommodation (see article three of this series, OT March 23, 2012) is essential in deciding on whether hypermetropic prescriptions should be prescribed especially in children who cannot yet carry out near acuity measurements and/or describe symptoms.
As they are similar in construction to distance tests, they allow a comparison between distance and near acuity.