near death

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com, author of What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences - According To Spiritism
Impact of near death experiences on dialysis patients: A multicenter collaborative study.
She amassed a portfolio of near death experiences from patients at Morriston Hospital's intensive therapy unit.
Mobbs also noted that many people who claim to have undergone a near-death experience were never, in fact, near death - while the majority of those who have died briefly before resuscitation do not recall going anywhere.
The sufferer feels that he or she is dead, even though not actually near death.
Does the arousal system contribute to near death Experience?
Children of the light: Children's near death experiences.
The title, Near Death Experiences of Hospitalized Intensive Care Patients, a Five Year Clinical Study, has been published after Sartori found there was a deficit of similar published data available for healthcare workers.
After the near death experience, the Complexions choreographer feels he has "a new lease on life.
drawing together the observations of social science regarding such phenomena as reincarnation, near death experiences, deathbed visions, cases of possession by dead spirits, and apparitions of the deceased.
Mortal minds; the biology of the near death experiences.