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Though the nation may be facing a Sriracha shortage, at least we now have enough serve-yourself frozen yogurt shops to nearly rival Starbucks' population density.
In a dazzle of special effects that nearly rival the first season of 'Star Trek', the actor becomes engulfed in flames and must put himelf out.
But Manuela's is lovely enough that with a bit more attention, and perhaps more sound proofing, the experience could nearly rival the spa at the Four Seasons, offering greater affordability and nearly the same sense of escape.
For wow factor, the many viewing areas along the park's two scenic drives nearly rival those of the Grand Canyon (and, thankfully, receive a fraction of the crowds).
The award-winning show, which nearly rivals "Downton" in the ratings, doesn't hit the viewer over the head with religious themes; instead, they are woven throughout the narratives, whether through Trixie's on-and-off again romance with the local vicar, or in the nun's interactions with their patients.
com describes Gus, who is a Texas based Japanese businessman, as someone "whose bigger-than-life, urban cowboy demeanour nearly rivals the size of his large Stetsons.
Treasury, whose production nearly rivals Accolade, boasts a raft of other well-known labels including Lindemans, Rosemount Estate, Wolf Blass, Penfolds and California's Beringer.
By early dune-with seventeen states yet to have reached their filing deadlines--Rutgers University's Center for American Women and Politics reported that there were already 239 female candidates running for Congress, a figure that nearly rivals 1992, the so-called Year of the Woman, when a record 251 women ran for office.
If it has, Bush may yet be hailed as a 21st-century Harry Truman, whose low approval ratings at the time of his departure from the White House in 1953 nearly rivals Bush's but whose backing of NATO and the Marshall Plan, among other Cold-War initiatives, are now recognized as significant achievements.
PureVideo HD technology cleans up standard-definition content and upconverts it to high-definition resolutions for image quality that nearly rivals native high-definition content.
6 million for each 30-seconds of commercial time, the cost nearly rivals the February 3rd Super Bowl ads.
Once nearly rivals, Eugene Mayor Jim Torrey and mayoral nominee Kitty Piercy on Wednesday jointly endorsed the city's proposed $6.