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5 mg each time, twice each day; oxygen flow was 6~8 L/ min, and nebulization lasted for 10 to 15 minutes each time, from the moment of the diagnosis of ventilator associated pneumonia to the 3rd day after ventilator weaning.
sup][16] Third, to optimize the drug delivery and to improve the deposition of amikacin particles in the deep lung tissue, a nebulization procedure protocol including operational specification, nebulizer type, drug formulation, and ventilator settings were optimized and standardized before the beginning of this study and carefully followed up during the study.
There is a significant difference in doses between nebulization and parenteral administration of epinephrine.
In each group, measurements and exam were done prior to the first nebulization as baseline evidence and they were repeated 12 and 24 hours afterwards.
He said that 50 nebulization machines have been installed to facilitate incoming patients.
Nebulization as a method of sputum induction was chosen as it is safe and can be used in children, postprandial, and as an Outpatient Department (OPD) procedure which is inexpensive and less time consuming.
Risala Study Circle volunteers rushed to his help and took him to the nearest clinic where he was put on nebulization.
By accurately controlling the nebulization zone temperature, the mobile phase-to-analyte ratio can be closely regulated.
The AIR DNA Fragmentation Kit fragments DNA more efficiently than traditional nebulization protocols offering 30% greater DNA recovery than traditional fragmentation protocols.
The conventional method of producing electrostatically assembled multilayer films through sequential substrate dipping was compared to the nebulization method, and the resultant film characteristics were investigated.
In the ICU, he was kept in a propped up position, meanwhile intravenous steroid and salbutamol nebulization were continued.
Because this sterile compound is prepared in premixed unit-dose vials, it may be used either for sinus irrigation or sinus nebulization.