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The real challenge to the consistent determination and reporting of tax liabilities in financial statements, he concluded, lies in the application of complex and nebulous tax rules to myriad facts and circumstances.
The reader will be armed with nuggets of truth about how to navigate through the often nebulous, unpredictable waters known as corporate America.
And while most new storage management technologies hold the promise of lower TCO and golf scores in the nebulous future, and lay claim to the Holy Grail of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), alas, there remains a dearth of new technologies that can actually deliver the proverbial chalice.
It's so nebulous," says Mary Worthington of the Network of Victim Assistance, a counseling organization in Bucks County, Pa.
The word "energy" is a term that is widely used in the natural healing community with a nebulous understanding.
I would like some of these so-called experts to come to schools and see how their nebulous ideas can be carried out.
For example, it is nebulous whether a right to the research results short of a formal license of patents or know-how (such as a right of access to the research as it proceeds, the right to learn of new developments in advance of their commercial application, or the right to purchase products developed from the research at a discount) would satisfy the requirement.
Stratton said he is committed to due process and to reliance on scientific facts, not on the somewhat nebulous "precautionary principle.
They include nebulous [indistinct] targets, deadly ambushes, blinding sandstorms-and traffic jams.
Her chief objection to therapeutic anti-racist culture is that "the desired goal was no longer civic equality and participation, but individual psychic wellbeing--more nebulous, open to interpretation, difficult to achieve, and controversial than the universal guarantees of political equality sought by the early civil rights movement.
But these concepts, "irrationality" and "substantiality" are fairly subjective and nebulous.
Participation in Future Shock doesn't necessarily guarantee entry into Culture Shock, though: Bunch and the other directors believe in the value of auditions and look for dancers who not only exhibit technical prowess but passion and that nebulous but recognizable quality that Bunch calls "performance ability.