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With this nebulously defined neologism, the author underscores the central role of "letters," referring to both "correspondence" and "literature," but also including an array of other ways in which texts and documents figure in le fantastique.
Once this fact is understood, it becomes easy to see how readily it lends itself to being further expounded into a "human rights" issue: human rights accusations likewise are nebulously defined and loosely adjudicated, require a low burden of proof, are highly politicized, and are weighted toward conviction and punishment.
Will we ever really know what the bishops' committee meant when it nebulously criticized Johnson's book?
This approach is apt because, like the sexual abuse of slaves, middleclass domestic abuse was often portrayed as nebulously present but nonnarratable as a result of the ways in which it bore on dominant constructions of acceptability and morality.
however aberrantly and nebulously, determines whether speech is obscene,
Some were so nebulously coined - the 'racing focused strategy' and the 'experienced and incentivised management team' - that they only served to weaken the impact.
lt;p>With the cloud taking shape nebulously as many types of public, private and hybrid services, an important technology to turn to will likely be encryption services.
Nevertheless, when one scrutinizes extant elitist film canons ill this historical moment, whether these be acknowledged inventories of the "the best" (such as BFI's Sight and Sound Critics' Top Ten Poll) or more nebulously named collections of the worthy (such as one finds in a Norton anthology like Film Analysis), one discovers that there is something beneath them that is markedly, if unwittingly, driving a significant portion of institutional choice.
aid groups was "not acceptable," Obama now speaks nebulously of
It remains a nebulously defined concept meant as a one-stop shop to address medical issues, replacing episodic care with coordinated care and a long-term patient/primary care physician relationship.
The "New on the Database" page states rather nebulously, "No new arias (translations or sound files) added to the Aria Database in the last two weeks.
I would note, first, that even were this true, what the man thus nebulously commits himself to does not confer sense on what he says.