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Old-fashioned shareholders are, for this reason, preferable to new, nebulously defined "stakeholders.
As of 2012, regulations did not usually impose fiduciary duties on broker-dealers and only nebulously described the fiduciary duties that investment advisers owe their clients.
However, such a claim should be understood in a number of lights: firstly, that of Walcott's distancing himself from the Western canon (as he has memorably said, he has no wish to be accused of depicting a '2nd-rate Aegean') (Walcott, 'Reflections' 232); secondly, in terms of his appreciation of Homer as an oral tradition: he may not have read the epics, but he has, nebulously, heard them (in the sea and in the environment of the Caribbean, as he suggests in Omeros) (Farrell 256-257); and finally, as being in a similar vein to the recusatio of the Augustan poets, and therefore not intended to be taken as an outright rejection of that which he disavows, but rather to be seen in the context of what Gregson Davis terms 'the complex dialectic of rejection and reassimilation' (G.
Like poet Renee Ashley, I am "drawn to what flutters nebulously at the edges, at the corner of my eye--just outside my certain sight.
often miss that nebulously liminal instance in which their beginning
With this nebulously defined neologism, the author underscores the central role of "letters," referring to both "correspondence" and "literature," but also including an array of other ways in which texts and documents figure in le fantastique.
Once this fact is understood, it becomes easy to see how readily it lends itself to being further expounded into a "human rights" issue: human rights accusations likewise are nebulously defined and loosely adjudicated, require a low burden of proof, are highly politicized, and are weighted toward conviction and punishment.
Will we ever really know what the bishops' committee meant when it nebulously criticized Johnson's book?
This approach is apt because, like the sexual abuse of slaves, middleclass domestic abuse was often portrayed as nebulously present but nonnarratable as a result of the ways in which it bore on dominant constructions of acceptability and morality.
however aberrantly and nebulously, determines whether speech is obscene,
The new partnership stipulates rather nebulously that all the regimes that carry out the "necessary reforms" can expect to "resume negotiations" on association agreements with the objective of achieving "advanced status.
Some were so nebulously coined - the 'racing focused strategy' and the 'experienced and incentivised management team' - that they only served to weaken the impact.