necessary item

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This book is considered as a necessary item for both literature and art and as an appetizer for similar projects.
But angry parents say their children should not be denied normal access to a necessary item because of the behaviour of a few.
When you play for the Yankees, when you work for the Yankees, getting to the World Series is one necessary item that needs to take place,'' Yankees manager Joe Torre said.
6% said a mobile phone had become a necessary item, while 41.
Many of those business owners view computers as a necessary item to keep up with the world, but some Old Order leaders view them as blasphemous.
What the high street has done is to provide clothes that you can mix and match, but a suit is the most necessary item to purchase.
He informed that provincial relief agencies have distributed about 58,000 tents and other necessary item among the affected people.
If he thinks of a necessary item, such as cereal, with Fonix ASR, he speaks "cereal" into the iOn Shopper, and various cereal products appear on the touch screen, allowing the shopper to choose which one he wants.
The sources informed that another flight of the same company brought some necessary items for removing the technical fault in the plane.
Tenders are invited for Supply installation & commissioning of 33KV/110V,100Amp outdoor type HT Tri-vector meter with 0-1 accuracy class at Base Station Gandola including testing of CT/PT unit for ascertaining of multiplying factor of unit & providing of 33KV grade cable of requisite length, to be installed in R/station building including with all other necessary items.
Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman directed the administration of Ramazan bazaars to ensure continuous supply of food and other necessary items in Ramazan bazaars as well as to install air coolers, fans, due to hot season.
He went to every stall in Ramazan Bazaar and checked prices and quality of necessary items, fruits and vegetables and also talked individually with the persons who had come to purchase different items.