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The dissection of a dead body by a medical examiner or physician authorized by law to do so in order to determine the cause and time of a death that appears to have resulted from other than natural causes.

This postmortem examination, required by law, is ordered by the local Coroner when a person is suspected to have died by violent or unnatural means. The consent of the decedent's next of kin is not necessary for an authorized autopsy to be held. The medical findings must be presented at an inquest and might be used as evidence in a police investigation and a subsequent criminal prosecution.


Forensic Science.


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Certain clinical and necropsy findings in the two white men with a membranous ventricular septal defect that was closed by two different mechanisms Variables Patient 1 Patient 2 Type of closure Spontaneous Surgical Age (years) at 71 48 examination of heart Age (years) at - 5 surgical closure of VSD Body mass index 44.
Cases given a structured diagnosis (SD), which indicates the primary necropsy finding by the examining pathologist.
I reviewed check station data sheets and necropsy reports for evidence of liver fluke infection based on the recovery of flukes from liver tissue or comments in reports that suggested fluke infection including unspecified cysts or capsules in the liver, fibrous areas, migratory tracts, detritus, necrosis, congestion or "bad" or "questionable" livers.
To be effective in protecting bottle-nose dolphins, Wells says, we need to understand the threats they face, and the necropsy is a valuable source of information on cause of death.
He was euthanized on July 8, and a limited necropsy was performed (Table).
Necropsy tissues are often not suited as specimens for conventional laboratory diagnosis of leptospirosis (9,6).
The necropsy found that the whale was alive when it was hit by the ship and died instantly.
1) The injury occurred during a necropsy performed on a patient who harbored such a device.
Where gross necropsy findings suggested infectious or inflammatory disease, swabs or tissues were processed for microbiology.
Specimens were sent to the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) in College Station, Texas for complete necropsy.