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That is because the necrotic tissue left in the root canals cannot be sterilized completely.
All patients underwent ligation of the involved artery (brachial or femoral) both proximal and distal to pseudoaneurysm, excision of infected pseudoaneurysm and thorough debridement of necrotic tissues in the vicinity.
Intercurrent coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis of chickens: rational, integrated disease management by maintenance of gut integrity.
In some cases, the mucosa becomes thickened due to build- up of adherent fibrin and necrotic debris, and has a marked coarsely granular texture and may be moderately firm and adherent or soft and moist.
Basal cell vacuolar degeneration and necrotic basal keratinocytes are seen in both LE and EM because of dysregulated apoptosis preceded by immunologic response initiated by unidentifid HSV, EBV or other viral infections crossreacting with lupus autoantigens.
The pulp status was recorded as non vital or necrotic if the tooth did not respond to cold.
This led to further biofilm identification on subsequent specimens of necrotic bowel.
Aspergillosis had the highest proportionate incidence followed by unabsorbed yolk sac / omphalitis, chronic respiratory disease, aflatoxicosis and necrotic enteritis.
It was seen that the renal capsule was ruptured and the necrotic tumour tissue, which was gray-yellow in colour, had protruded outside the capsule (Fig.