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A far better idea, abolish the Barnett Formula and let an English parliament decide on the neediest parts of England.
What started as a holiday toy drive by legendary host Wally Phillips in 1969, the WGN Radio Neediest Kids Fund has grown to help at-risk kids stay in school, eat healthy and prepare for their future.
Even in the face of a tremendous budget crisis, Jefferson said, government must not turn its back "on the neediest among us but continue to serve them as the Constitution demands.
Critics of this idea dislike the prospect of changing the program's strict basis of helping the neediest students gain access to higher education.
Global Care's founder and chief executive Ron Newby said: "By any measurement, these desperate children rank as some of the neediest on earth that I have ever encountered.
In exchange, the students agree to come back to teach in some of the neediest schools in the area's largest school system.
Meet Each Need With Dignity doesn't receive a dime from the government to help clothe, feed, educate and meet the medical and dental needs of the Valley's neediest residents.
Fund that allows states and districts to reward teachers who demonstrate results for students and teach in the neediest schools.
He was clean, thanks in part to rehab money from the New York Times Neediest Cases Fund.
The work is financially supported by the Good Samaritan Foundation, which provides medication to the neediest people.
This fall, Georgetown University's neediest students can reap the benefits of the Georgetown Scholarship Program, which offers alumni the chance to sponsor individual students with a contribution of $15,000 each year, for five years.
We chose Children's Hospital of Los Angeles because they help some of the neediest and most seriously ill children from all over the U.