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An added potential risk is needle puncture injury because of unexpected retained needle foreign bodies in HIV-infected patients.
Ultrasonographic findings report specific fetal movements in response to needle punctures in utero (Robinson and Smotherman, 1992; Sival, 1993).
The need to perform two separate blocks may further increase the risk to the patient because each needle puncture and perineural injection carries its own individual risk of nerve damage.
I observed what appeared to be needle puncture marks with blood and bruising on both feet of the infant.
At this point the vertebral artery is also shielded from needle puncture by the bone of the transverse process.
This included needle puncture wounds from sharp instruments and broken glassware, pipetting accidents, blood and secretion spills, and human bites.
It's all done through a needle puncture at the knee," Dalman said.
nContact's technology is being developed further to enable a new sub-xyphoid percutaneous approach to the atria and ventricles through a simple needle puncture, a technique that is familiar to EPs.
Lot No: 1 Lot title: Needle puncture angiography arterial
The woman also had a needle puncture mark showing that blood was taken from her left arm shortly before she was killed.
9 needle puncture biopsy to automatic, the camera having the Employer Pro-Mag and TM
The sensor monitors potential blood leakage from the needle puncture via an infrared light and will alarm if needle dislodgement or blood leakage is detected.