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Based on Haddon's matrix, an assumption would have been that no students should have sustained a secondary needle-stick injury, because education should have been provided during the post-injury phase (University of Minnesota 2009:4).
This increases the number of injuries from 34 to 49, signifying that 25% of all student nurses at the Windhoek campus of the University of Namibia sustained a needle-stick injury during their training.
When a needle-stick injury is sustained, blood has to be collected from the injured worker for virology (HIV, HBV, HCV), (Ziady & Small 2004:1870).
Braun's Introcan Safety([R]) IV Catheters are designed with passive-safety features that automatically activate to help minimize accidental needle-stick injury.
The patented safe syringes include the AD-Syringe (auto-disable) to prevent re-use of disposable syringes, and the Sliding-Sheath Syringe to prevent needle-stick injury to healthcare workers.
The Company further noted that as a result of the widely-publicized risks of needle-stick injury associated with conventional injections, legislation has recently been passed in the United States which requires employers to provide safety features in sharp medical devices.
Only a small percentage of personnel who tested positive reported ever having a needle-stick injury on the job.