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Once the debate ends, maybe we can get on with a rational solution for the shortage of body organs resulting in so many needlessness deaths every year.
Deep disapproval of this neurotic citizen of an earlier world, although, he adds, "the oeuvre is impressive, and its continuing vitality demonstrates the needlessness of biography"--for a man whose life was so apparently uneventful, he means.
He spoke of the needlessness of her death and said: "In the farming and scientific world, we need to put people before profits and practise more open government.
For another important discussion of the same topic, see Jeremy Bentham, "Swear not at all:" Containing an Exposure of the Needlessness and Mischievousness, as well as Antichristianity of the Ceremony of an Oath (London: R.
We can appreciate the needlessness - indeed, the absurdity - of these fluctuations by imagining such swings in other weights and measures.
The "forlorn lover" pulls us back to the bridegroom, both beginning anew with delusions of needlessness that are soon mirrored in "the smiling photograph of Derek / Walcott, his chin resting over the fist, one eye closed / on his Collected Poems 1948-1984.